Palm Tree


The Palm Tree Art Residency/ Programme aims to offer artists, scientists and researchers an ideal place for concentration, research and creation. We aspire to be a place that fosters opportunities for multi- disciplinary dialogue as well as to encourage collaboration and cultural exchange by bringing together people from different areas of practice.

Driven by the particularity / idiosyncrasy and the geology of Santorini as it is a volcanic island and considering the landscape of Santorini that has an absolute connection with the creation of a new form of life, The Palm Tree Art Residency Program introduces its new program Cosmogenic Creation.

The program is separated into two different time periods one during August and the other during October. The theme of Cosmogenic Creation is a proposition to all residents, intending to assimilate the significance of the landscape and its interrelation with the existence of two different volcanos for creation and stimulation.

The Palm Tree Art Residency Programme is suitable for local and international artists, scientists, and researchers providing them opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant and dynamic culture of Santorini. Hence, in each period residents are invited to draw their attention to the particularities and the unique characteristics of the island of Santorini. Explore historical buildings and natural landscapes, become familiar with Greek tradition, develop synergies with locals as well as work with natural matter. Thus, by setting Santorini as a point of reference we invite all residents to complete their evolving projects or develop a new one.

The residency is divided into two months, August and October, and the total duration of each residency is two weeks. The cost of the residency program is 1.500€ euro for the Cave studio, for the Cave House the residency fee is 2.000€.

 In the occasion that the artist will host a family member or friend, an extra fee is required.

In this cost, accommodation (bedsheets, towels, toilet paper) seasonal organic products from our garden and transportation upon arrival-departure to Santorini is included.

Lastly, there is a workshop studio available for use upon request.

All official regulations regarding the COVID-19 situation will be taken into account.


The nonprofit organization ART•IN•ART was founded in 2019 and operates as an open platform, focusing on the production and promotion of flexible artistic and educational activities in the art and science field. Residencies, workshops, special seminars, lectures, educational programmes are among the scheduled activities. Along with this, ART•IN•ART is involved in forming a network of partnerships with Greek non-profit organizations, institutions and festivals, as well as institutions or groups from all over the world. 

This Residency is part of the ART•IN•ART activities.

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